conditionneurs d'air plafonniers Air Quality Process

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners enable you to keep full control of the hygiene in your heavily mechanised premises.

Like all the range’s air conditioners, ceiling-mounted conditioners enable you to benefit from unrivalled health security as well as a significant reduction in energy consumption.

In a cheese dairy, these conditioners are mainly used for manufacturing rooms or draining tunnels.

Our ceiling-mounted air conditioners give you:

A gain in productivity

  • They don’t take up any space on the floor, thus favouring the production process.
  • They do not have fabric ducting to be cleaned.
  • They have the maximum autonomy.

0 to 25°C of comfort

  • The temperatures obtained cover the requirements in cold and heat for drying out the room and for the device after cleaning.
  • They give it a 360° blow, which enables the ceiling to be dried to limit the condensation.
  • They make it comfortable for the staff operating in the room, which is the equivalent of that of the air distributed by the fabric ducting.

Decontamination activity

  • We observe up to 20% of contaminant particles trapped inside the tubes specifically.
  • The evacuation of these particles is carried out continuously as the water is discharged externally.

An integral CIP high up

These conditioners fully self-clean in place (washing, disinfection and rinsing) via an internal spray arm.

Our supply of ceiling-mounted conditioners comprises:

  • a visible ceiling unit whose visible surface is easily controllable and able to be cleaned indoors.
  • a recessed ceiling unit in the roof timbers enabling a 1 to 2m space gain below the ceiling height that handles 5,000m3/h.