Frispace Air Quality Process


Its main asset is the ability to create cold spaces that are equal to the men, machines and materials in the production, storage and food distribution halls.

Its operating principle

The principle of air conditioning is the creation of a cushion of cold air 2 to 4m off the floor, distributed horizontally with a low-speed movement of air.


Unrivalled benefits:

Health security

At the heart of the Frispace conditioner lies an exclusive heat exchanger invented by Air Quality Process, with a motor outside the air flow. This exchanger, with smooth stainless steel tubes enables full access to the internal surface for cleaning and testing. An integrated rinsing system enables the CIP exchanger to be cleaned automatically. The cleaning of external parts with a foam gun is thoroughly safe thanks to its position on the floor.

Staff comfort

There is a considerable improvement in the relative comfort of the staff due to the lack of cold air blowing on the back of their necks. The low speed of the air provides additional comfort.

Energy savings Frispace Air Quality Process

It enables air conditioning in premises, which are often poorly insulated with high ceilings, whilst limiting any losses in useful volume.

Securing of maintenance

The absence of equipment very high up reduces the maintenance of the Frispace conditioner(s) mounted on the floor.