HYGIENIC SAFETY : control and reduction of airborne contamination.

The unique design of our air conditioners, unrivalled on today’s market, stems from a cheese manufacturer’s desire to have a device that can be "cleaned throughout and is easily controllable at any point".

Echangeur Air Quality Process

Easy cleaning and testing of air conditioners for optimum air hygiene

  • 0 recesses and 0 dead zones = the guarantee of ultra-hygienic air.
    The cylindrical conditioner enables you to avoid any recess, dead zone or the retention of dirt particles (such as: pipe mounting clips on traditional systems) and ensure manufacturers have a guaranteed supply of perfectly clean handled air
  • Hygiene via integral CIP: 
    Cleaning in place (Cip) is the basis for the innovative design of the Air Quality Process conditioners.
  • Validated 100% cleanliness:
    The swab tests, carried out by health inspectors after cleaning, certify that all parts of the device are perfectly clean.

Fresh air is highly beneficial to your products.

In addition to its hygienic functions linked to overpressure, the blown fresh air ensures the controlled renewal of the air in the premises through an O2 intake whilst diluting the CO2 and NH3, which are essential for certain products (cheese for example) and personnel.

Organoleptic safety: total subjection to the consumption qualities of the products.

Priority air / product interactions

For Air Quality Process, it’s the products that dictate, all the more so when they are ‘living’ like cheeses. Their end qualities, at the time of sale, are determined by the biochemical transformation taking place within them and with the ambient air in which they develop at every stage, from coagulation through to maturing and beyond. With the ambient air, they have to be able to exchange heat, humidity and gases as necessary, at their pace, and without disrupting the internal ecosystem specific to each cheese dairy.

Nos conditionneurs d’air sont particulièrement adaptés aux contextes spécifiques des fromageries.


Permanent hygrometry / ventilation coupling

Respecting the air temperature process is a basic requirement. However, the constant machinations of the hygrometry / ventilation coupling have a considerable influence on the pH and the weight of water in the products, as well as the homogeneity of the manufacturing batches.

Our air conditioners play a crucial role in the interdependent production and regulation of the relative humidity, circulation and temperature of the air.