To design an ultra-hygienic installation

  • Easy-clean conditioners.
  • Devices 100% accessible to cleanliness checks.
  • Hygienic design of the whole installation.
  • Management of the air flow on a factory scale.

To improve the quality of your production

  • Limitation of water weight losses.
  • Homogeneity.
  • Surface state.
  • Organoleptic qualities.

To optimise the return on your investment

  • Energy savings: our installations enable electric consumption to be reduced by 2 to 5 times in relation to traditional installations.
  • Labour savings:these are substantial due to the hours saved with cleaning and maintenance as well as the reduction of product interventions (business travel, sorting...).
  • Reduction of scraps: products outside the norms (too dry, too wet, crusted, mouldy...), become the exception.
  • Increase in tonnage: the small footprint of our conditioners enables certain projects to increase the tonnage of products stored indoors.
  • Flexibility and regularity: the computerised control of our installations enables the air conditioning to be adapted to the successive treatments of different products and to reproduce these adaptations over time to maintain the flavour qualities that develop consumer loyalty.

To supply ecological devices

  • Reduction in the consumption of detergent products, rinsing water and wastewater treatments due to the easy cleaning and cleanliness check for the air conditioners.
  • Reduction in energy consumption :
    -    a third of the motor power on average for our conditioners in relation to the traditional ventilated devices,
    -    responsible air flow management study,
    -    energy diagnostics.
  • Lifetime investment  thanks to the exceptional longevity of its stainless steel conditioners and the standardisation of the ‘convertible’ range providing you with greater flexibility to better respond to your changing needs.