Air Quality ProcessAIR QUALITY PROCESS AND SAFRAIR: complementary aeraulic, refrigeration and thermal know-how.

The SAFRAIR company  was created in 1979 by Jean-Louis Michelin in south-west France (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

In its early stages, it studied and made aeraulic, refrigeration and thermal installations for regional agri-food manufacturers. However, from 1988, its business developed internationally and it obtained its first reference in the United States, following the securing of USDA approval (United States Department of Agriculture) for its air conditioners.

In 1995, in order to support the expansion of its business, the management decided to create the Air Quality Process subsidiary. A 1/3 of the cost of the building is devoted to the creation of 3 test rooms (including 1 room measuring 20 x 10m with a removable ceiling spanning 3 to 6 m) to enable it to broaden its know-how in terms of air distribution. Armed with its wealth of experience and its financial resources, Air Quality Process has invented and patented air conditioners whose qualities (hygiene, versatility, performance, low energy consumption…) remain unrivalled to date.

Christine Tanguy took over management of the family business. With the support of a young and dynamic team, highly committed to user satisfaction, she perpetuates know-how and expertise, encourages skills and invests in innovation to reinforce the quality of the solutions offered to her clients.

AIR QUALITY PROCESS AND SAFRAIR: two subsidiaries of the family QUALIT’AIR holding.

  • Safrair works on the creation of refrigeration and air-handling equipment for manufacturers and local authorities.
  • Air Quality Process Process is specialised in the conditioning of hygienic air (design, manufacture, installation, servicing) for the agri-food industry, with a significant involvement in the cheese sector in France and on exports.

Key figures

  • 40 years of experience in hygienic air handling in the food process.
  • Over 300 equipped factories and 5,000 working conditioners.
  • 80 to 95% of the turnover achieved in cheese dairies.
  • A growing share of the turnover realised on exports (70% in 2016).
  • An average annual turnover of 7-million Euros for the family holding.
  • 4% of the turnover invested in Research & Development.