With a view to broadening our know-how in terms of air distribution, in 1995 we devoted a third of the cost of our building to the creation of  3 test rooms. One of them measures 20m x 10m and has a movable ceiling measuring 3 to 6 metres high to simulate the different indoor conditions familiar to agri-food manufacturers.

In-house test protocols enabled us to develop and optimise the performance of the fabric ducting we offer.

  • Porous ducting evolved towards slotted ducting and then high induction perforated ducting. The latter, put in place over fifteen years ago, enabled us to make considerable improvements in the homogeneity of the results witnessed among our clients.
  • Tailored ducting is manufactured according to how your rooms are configured (taking into account the ceiling height, the width, the type of storage equipment used for your products, the presence of room pillars or beams…).
  • Every air conditioner is tested with its fabric ducting (air flow, air speed...), before being delivered to the client.

We can simulate specific problems in our aeraulic centre in order to find the most suitable solutions there:

  • reduction in the drying time or cooling of your products, improvement in the homogeneity of the air distribution (temperature, hygrometry, air speed),
  • taking account of the distinctive feature of your project (nature of product, room configuration, type of storage equipment, loading configuration...),
  • the aim being to study and put in place an air handling unit that is as compatible as possible with your industrial requirements.

Tests can be carried out in line with your request in our aeraulic test centre or on your site.