“Supporting you over time, maintaining the performance of our installations and satisfying your needs, such are the terms of our Vériperf contract”.
Sébastien Gonzalez, After-Sales Service Manager at Air Quality Process.

Our aim is to gain your trust and take great care to keep hold of it.
We offer you this ‘à la carte’ service according to your priorities.

  • Product result: improving the air conditioning of certain rooms. In these rooms, we can proceed with measurement campaigns (temperatures / humidity and speed of the air in several points around the room), whilst training up your associates so they can work independently.
  • Air hygiene: control of air output and flow.
  • Maintenance: calibration of the probes.
  • Development of our equipment and our environment, enabling you to benefit from our latest innovations.
  • Staff training: use of supervision, preventative and curative maintenance, raising their awareness about air / product interactions or hygiene in the agri-food industry.
  • Another area you’d be interested in finding out more about with us

Air Quality Process is a registered training organisation n° 72.640.128.564