Your constraints (reinforced health security, taking into account the process, footprint, building, reduction in energy consumption, limitation of operating constraints, staff comfort…) are taken into account to offer you a tailor-made solution, meeting your expectations and responding to the possible change in your needs.

For this, we recommend that you consult us the moment you have carried out a pilot study so you can benefit from our development recommendations should that prove necessary.

An atmosphere geared towards your production

Our installations enable you to adjust the temperatures, the hygrometry, the mixing of air and the supply of fresh air according to programmable and modifiable laws.

Air conditioners right up close to your products

Our air conditioners are set up directly in your premises, as close as possible to the products and operators. They are positioned in the most judicious spots for distribution of the handled air and the accomplishing of mechanised and manual manufacturing operations. Due to their cylindrical shape and their small diameter, they only have a small footprint (e.g.: interior diameter less than 1.4m for 16,000m3/hr handled).

Simplified management of your devices

Each conditioner can be managed by computer, with supervision, thus enabling:

  • management of the overpressure levels,
  • management of up to 50 conditioners and 50 overpressure units,
  • proportional production of cold, heat and ventilation,
  • regulation of the relative humidity,
  • adjustments in temperature, hygrometry, mixing of the air according to programmed and modifiable laws,
  • creation of graphics (actual curves and histograms),
  • optimisation of the overall output of the installation by integrating all the data supplied by the sensors and test points (up to one thousand per installation),
  • cleaning in place operations.