Air Quality Process has developed a wide range of conditioners in order to offer you the solution best suited to each of your air handling projects.

Conditionneurs d'air Air Quality Process


Our air conditioners enable you to optimise:

The health security of your sensitive production

  • Smooth stainless steel tubes (van-free) in which the air circulates, are free of dead zones, recesses or elements where impurities can become attached.
  • The motor is situated in the housing outside the air flow.
  • The cleaning can be done entirely in situ.
  • The devices are accessible at every point for quality controls (swab test).

Our air conditioners benefit from USDA acceptance.

The profitability of your projects

  • The energy consumption of your installations is considerably reduced thanks to the low-power engine (half or a third less than traditional systems).
  • Maximum output is obtained due to small losses in the resulting loads due to the lack of obstacles in the air in the exchanger.
  • You invest in devices with a virtually unlimited lifespan (exchanger made entirely of stainless steel) and with no loss in output throughout.
  • The maintenance of the conditioners is simple and quick.
  • Our solutions are flexible so they evolve with your changing needs.

Our offer comprises:

  • Floor-mounted conditioners (convertible and simplified convertibles),
  • Ceiling conditioner units (recessed and visible),
  • Air handling units,
  • Cooling units with smooth or bladed tubes for your rooms with less sensitivity to hygiene, where air handling is not essential, with the possibility of a complete batch including cooling units, piping and electricity.

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