Air Quality Process is specialised in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and monitoring of air conditioners, as well as in the management of air flow linked to the food-processing processes.

Using this approach, we can operate on several levels:


  • Detailed diagnostics of the air problems throughout the production unit.
  • Energy diagnostics.
  • Test protocols: aeraulic and thermal simulations in our test room.


  • Searches for solutions to the problems encountered by manufacturers, their design offices and their refrigeration engineers.
  • Development of projects built from exclusive databases and software.
  • Budgets and estimates set the costs of the projects presented.

Factory design consultancy

The company’s multidisciplinary design office outlines all the components of any equipment ordered, as well as plans, diagrams, operating logic, installation methods, programming of the information technology governance and it ensures the on-site supply.


Our patented air conditioners are manufactured entirely in our workshop according to a proprietary technology, particularly for the machining and welding of the stainless steel tubes that make up our exchangers.

Installation on request

  • "Turnkey" projects integrating cooling units, electricity and pipes.
  • Completely complementary to your local partners (refrigeration engineers, pipefitters and electricians...) or one of our special partners.

The development of the installation and the optimisation of its performance in real operation mode must be ensured by a versatile Air Quality Process technician.


The support team can be contacted for problems with everyday use and adaptation to new conditions:

  • maintenance and above all monitoring of your past performance via “Vériperf” audits.
  • After-sales service for the supply of spare parts, repairs or remote troubleshooting.


As a registered professional training organisation, Air Quality Process gives lessons:

  • prior introductory course for production and maintenance managers.
  • the use of production operators using the equipment supplied by the company.

We also work with dairy or engineer colleges (agri-food, thermal, refrigerating).