Diagnosis of the air quality: for optimum health quality for your production.

From the raw material to the final packaged product, every manufacturer seeks to limit the risk of contamination of its production.

There are many protagonists in this hunt for pathogenic microorganisms and they may be sources, carriers or both at once. 
Air quality plays a not inconsiderable role and it must be optimal to minimise the risks.

For your existing sites, Air Quality Process offers you a detailed diagnosis, which includes risk analysis in terms of the contamination from various sources and the vectors of propagation, including:

  • air,
  • staff,
  • technical fluids,
  • premises,
  • equipment,
  • working methods,
  • products and packaging

Every intervention (payable service) forms the basis of a detailed report on the findings and recommendations for improvement.

Energy diagnosis: for the long-term profitability of your installations.

In order to direct and get a return on your future investments, Air Quality Process offers you energy diagnostics comprising:

  • an overall heat summary of your factory,
  • an analysis of the refrigeration production and the appeal of energy recovery,
  • a study of the air flow management.

At the end of the audit, a written report reveals the return on investment linked to each of the recommended solutions.