As a registered professional training organisation (No.72.640.128.564), we host sessions to raise awareness about air conditioning and air flow management for dairy and engineering colleges, as well as those staff responsible for the relevant agri-food production units. Our specialised service also trains production and maintenance operators, who work in the installations that we provide

Notre service spécialisé forme également, les opérateurs de production et de maintenance qui interviennent dans les installations que nous fournissons.

We offer you the following themes:


  • Control of hygiene in the agri-food industry

Cheese and air

  • Reminder of how cheese behaves
  • Analysis of the needs of the cheese during its production cycle

Operating your installation

  • Presentation of the installation
  • Basic functions of your equipment
  • Management in response to your production needs

Control of the installation / regulation

  • Regulation principles
  • Operating logic
  • Manual control - presentation of the regulator
  • Automatic control – supervision